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Hello folks, I am
Maxim Urzhumtsev.

I am a python developer passionate about
web programming and data engineering.
I like to take part in creating stunning software
that helps business stand out.

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Who am I

    import requests

    class Developer:
        def __init__(self):
            # Techonologies
            self.languages = [
                'Python', '1c enterprise', 'PL/pgSQL',
            self.frameworks = ['Django', 'Selenium',]
            self.technologies = [
            self.editor = 'VS Code'

            # Personal info
            self.first_name = 'Maxim'
            self.last_name = 'Urzhumtsev'
            self.email = 'urzhumtsev.max@gmail.com'

        def download_cv(self):
            response = requests.get(



This serverless bot is an example of how Telegram can be used in e-commerce. Making an order (water delivery) becomes a simple and fun action. Main feature is in-app payments. Build with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and other AWS services.

Serverless site

This serverless site has been developed in the AWS cloud. Also I fully automated deployment process. Please, explore more here: architecture and here: source code

Social Control

So many problems are worrying townspeople and how little time you have to overcome the state bureaucratic machine and solve the problem. Municipal deputies are existing for this. Only in Moscow, there are more than 1500 mundeps. The most closest object between you and the Government. Solve city problems, rate mundeps and control them.


With the help of the bot, employees can encourage each other by sending points for the help in daily work. The number of points of each member of the chat is counting. At the end of the ‘period’, the accumulated amount of points will be converted into a bonus - at the rate that the company's management sets. At the same time, there is a system of penalties - for example, if a colleague ignores a request or brings a team down. PM can cancel the evaluation, if he finds it unfair. Also, he has the opportunity to encourage or punish not only individual employees, but the whole team too. Please, explore more here: source code